The dreaded Bio!

Ok, so I guess this is where I go on and on about myself.

My name is Jim Deming, and I am the doctor within this mad laboratory.
I started out in this crazy hobby right around 1992 after attending my first Chiller Theatre convention. Going to just one of these Horror/Sci-fi toy and model shows was all it took. From that point on, I purchased table space and became a dealer offering built-ups (pre-painted models that I painted for people who didn't want to, or simply felt they couldn't). After doing that for 7-8 years, I slowly had gotten into offering my own line of resin model kits while still doing commissioned build-ups for people, under the banner of "Fantasy Creations".
To make a longer story short, about 5 years ago, I'd left the hobby behind for a bit, turning my attention to other things.

During that time, I paid little attention to the hobby...and in turn, let my domain name slip away....thinking I wouldn't be using it anymore anyway.
Once in a while, I'd check in on a few modeling forums to see what was new, and sculptors had really kicked it up a notch! There were always great sculptors in this hobby, but it seemed like just about everything coming out these days looked incredible.
Needless to say, little by little I was getting drawn back in!

Anyway, with the Fantasy Creations domain already claimed by someone else, and feeling like I'm starting all over again, I figured I may as well start a new website too. Enter, "The Creature Lab"!

Any questions, comments, or just saying hi...feel free to drop me an e-mail.
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