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Many, many thanks go out to everyone at Amazing Figure Modeler who created a wonderful memorial tribute to Jim, about his life and his love of the hobby. Thank you guys, for honoring his memory in a poignant way. I truly appreciate your generosity!
Updated April 28, 2016
**Also, other kits are still available for purchase**

My name is Marilyn, and I am Jim Deming’s wife.
I wanted to thank everyone for your condolences, and wonderful words about Jim.
Jim loved the hobby so much, and he made many friends along the way. He thoroughly enjoyed talking with fellow hobbyists, sharing his thoughts and creations with all. He was always eager to listen, and help, anyone who approached him with questions and suggestions.
I am trying to continue his passion by keeping The Creature Lab going for now, as best as I can.
There is still inventory left, so there are model kits still available for purchase.
So now, I will be releasing Jim's final commissioned piece. Before his death, he briefly previewed it, but was not able to release it fully -- therefore, in his honor, I will be releasing a limited amount of these kits. I want to complete his vision.
If you have any further inquiries, questions, or comments, please direct them personally to me, Marilyn, at:
Thank you so much.
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